Habsburg Kings of Bohemia

My Daddy told me that his father, Charlie Frederick, aka Karel Fredrick,  was a “Bohunk”, a “Bohemian”, and that he was as dark as you could be without being a Negro. He emigrated in 1894 from Pusta, Polom, Moravia to seek a better life.

Obec Pusta Polom, Ostrava, Moravian-Silesia

My grandmother told me that her parents were from “Moravia” not “Bohemia”. She told me that they were not “Bohemians”, because  “Bohemians” were gypsies and moved around a lot. She said that her parents were “Moravians” and owned their own land and were not gypsies.

Her parents , Jan “John” MAZAC and Annie Marie “Mary” (DUDIKA), emigrated from Usti, Vsetin, Moravia in 1892 to Ellis Island, New York, New York, and then by ship to Galveston, Texas. They came for religious freedom and the freedom to own their own land. They started out as Tenant Farmers, and then settled in Granger, Williamson County, Texas. They were poor, hard working, honest farmers.

Rosamond Press

Above is a very large painting at the University of Oregon museum, titled ‘The Last Audience of the Habsburgs’ whom all descend from Jeanne de Rougemont. This painting was discovered rolled up in a bank vault here in Eugene Oregon. It had been smuggled out of Austria when Hitler put a bounty on Empress Zita’s head. The Empress receives war orphans ushered into her presence by a famous Austrian women’s Liberationist.

Zita and her family were smuggled to America with the help of
Aristides de Sousa Mendes, whose kin owned the “Jews land” in South Carolina my kindred purchased. The Mendes are Sephardic Jews kin to King David. The Habsburgs held the title ‘King of Bohemia and Hungary, and fought a war with Louis Kosseth who was a good friend of Jessie Benton.

Kossuth was a Freemason, as was Alphonse Mucha whose huge canvases were also smuggled out Nazi Germany…

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