Moravian Tuscany

My paternal great grandparents emigrated from Moravia in 1892 to Texas.  I love looking at pictures of what Moravia looks like. My Moravian ancestors farmed, and hunted for their food. They loved wine and dancing to Czech polkas. They were Catholic, and honored and respected their Moravian roots. My Daddy made wine and jelly out of the grapes. He grew grapes in his backyard. He taught me how to do the polka.

The Moravians emigrated to America to escape religious persecution, and for the promise of the dream of owning their own home and land.  They came to escape Socialism and Communism. They paid their own way, worked for what they wanted, and  taught a very strong work ethic to their children. If they wanted anything, then they had to work for it. No welfare leeches allowed here. No criminals either. If they were a criminal, then they moved away from their family and roots. My Grandma Bessie told me that Moravians were farmers and cobblers, and settled down and loved their land. She told me that the Bohemians were like gypsies and moved from town to town, and were not respected.


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