Dedicated to the memory of my Moravian-Czech Ancestors in TexasMy paternal great grandparents, Jan “John” Mazac and Annie Marie “Mary” (Dudika) Mazac, were from Usti, Vsetin, MoraviaEmigrated in 1891 and 1892 to New York, and then by ship on to Galveston, Texas.  Settled in Granger, Taylor, and Corn Hill, Williamson County, Texas area.

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  1. Hello. My great grandma was Mazacz from home. She was born in Tarnopol, Poland (now Ternopil, Ukraine). I assume the origin of her surname is Czech – Mazac. Do you have any links which provide your genealogical tree to Tanopol or Lwów (Lviv) maybe?

    I know that Mazacz family was living in Tarnopol at the end of 19th century for sure. The problem is I don’t have access to earlier birth certificates.

    I would be grateful for your reply.
    especially for a hint where should I dig to find it out.

    Best regards,

    P.S. I would share with you all names and dates I already know about my Mazacz ancestors, if you like.


    1. Dear Katarzyna,
      Sorry, but as far as I know my Mazac ancestors were not in Poland or Ukraine. And, I never saw it spelled as Mazacz. I don’t have any info. except for in the United States.
      God bless you, Sally


    1. Hello, Melanie, yes this my paternal line the MAZAC and FREDERICK families. I knew Frank Mazac and his wife Annie Hermina Uherek MAZAC. My daddy was friends with them too. Frank was my grandmother’s brother. The name HOLY sounds familiar, but I don’t find the surname in my database. So, I am not sure if we are related or not.


  2. Hi Sally:
    A genealogy acquaintance put me on to your website. My Havelka line connects with the Mazacs Please email…I have a question.

    Nice to “Meet” you,
    Monica Havelka


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