Saints Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church, Granger, Williamson County, Texas

The Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Th...
The Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Thessaloniki (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Prague. Saint Cyril and Methodius Church in Karolinenthal (Photo credit: Cornell University Library)
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English: The True Cross. Saint Equal-to-the-Apostles Cyril and Methodius. Khanty-Mansisyk Русский: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cyril and Methodius, painting by Jan Matejko, 1885
Cyril and Methodius, painting by Jan Matejko, 1885 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Monument to Cyril and Methodius in front of the SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library in Sofia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Saints Cyril and Methodius
Saints Cyril and Methodius (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saints Cyril and Methodius  Catholic Church, Granger, Williamson County, Texas

Historical Marker Text, Granger Texas:
The Czechs/Moravian’s who settled here in the early 1880s initially worshiped in each others’ homes or traveled 12 miles to Taylor, site of the nearest Catholic Church.  As their informal congregation grew so did the community of Granger.  In 1891 they erected a wood frame sanctuary here on land donated by Austinite W. H. Walton, and named their church after the Czech Patron Saints, Cyril and Methodius.
During Rev. Frantisek Machan’s brief tenure as Pastor the church formed several fraternal organizations and established a school.  His successor, the Rev. Frantisek Pridal, helped the congregation build a new school building/parish hall in 1912 and replaced the original church building with a brick structure in 1916.

Following the death of the beloved Father Pridal in 1927, the Rev. John Vanicek became Pastor.  He helped many young parishioners enter the Priesthood and Sisterhood and guided several Parishioners into leadership roles in statewide Catholic Fraternal Organizations.
In 1948 this church became a part of the newly formed Austin Diocese. A 2-story brick school building was added in 1947.  A recreation center in 1959, and a brick convention in 1960.  The Church continues to play an integral role in church and community affairs.  (1993)

My Paternal Moravian Grandparents: Charles “Charlie” Frederick & Elizabeth “Bessie” Annie (Mazac) Frederick

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Seal of Williamson County, Texas

My Paternal Grandmother was Elizabeth Annie “Bessie” Mazac Frederick from Granger, Williamson County, Texas. They married on October 12, 1914 at the St. Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church, Granger, Texas.  Charlie and Bessie were both Catholics.

My Grandmother loved pink, so I posted the pink background of the Moravian-Czech flower. She liked artificial because she said they never die.

She lost my Grandfather in 1947 to Stomach Cancer, and she had a hard life raising her five children on her own. Grandma was an excellent cook, a good mother, and she also grew a garden with her sons, Woodrow and Charles for years to help feed the family. Bessie worked in the Cafeteria for Crosby I.S.D. for years.

Charles F. “Charlie” Frederick also known as Karel Fredrich, and Charles Fredrick, was born on April 20, 1892 in Mala Lhota, Vsetina, Moravia and he emigrated from Moravia in 1894 to New York, and then on to Austin, Travis County, Texas. His last known residence according to his naturalization papers was in Pusta Polom, Ostrava, Moravian-Silesia. He was a poor farmer and a cobbler. My father told me that he helped the other Moravian’s to learn English. He was an avid reader, and read his Bible everyday. 

Obec Pusta Polom, Ostrava, Moravian-Silesia



My grandfather was a a Private in the 23rd. machine gun regiment in the Legionnaire Czechoslovak Foreign Army in America. He received his American citizenship papers by serving in the Czechoslovak Army during World War I in France for the United States and Allies.  According to the  1930 U. S. Census for Harris County, Texas, Charles Fredrick emigrated in 1894 from Czechoslovakia. 

Bessie was born on October 12, 1895 in Granger, Williamson County, Texas.

Bessie’s parents, Jan “John” Mazac emigrated in 1891, and Annie Marie “Mary” (Dudika) Mazac emigrated in 1892 to Ellis Island, New York, New York. They were poor farm laborers.